Go With The Flow

Our Thursday choices are a little opposed this week. We got some upbeats and some down beats. Hope you like ’em.




The Wavves – King Of The Beach


I think I might still be in summer days mode. I came across the Wavves about five or six months ago and I’m really digging them. This song is high energy, short and sweet. What’s not to like?



My friend Jack Bangerter and I used this song in a short film once. He chased my cat around in the backyard and then we slowed it down. I don’t think my cat liked it very much but it made for great footage.

Koushik – Be With


Dreams Around The Block

Hi All! Our Wednesday picks are from the early 2000’s.


Ashley’s Pick:


Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block



Ok I cheated and put the live and recorded version. Sometimes I just can’t get over the version I love the most and in this case it’s the recording. Though the live version is great to.

I liked (or LOVED) this song the first time I heard it. Carlos and I used to listen to it in the car all the time ūüôā


Carlos’ Pick:

I like Mike Doughty’s songs for their simplicity and subtlety. In keeping with the spirit of his songs I’ll just say watch the video and check out Soul Coughing too.


Mike Doughty – True Dreams of Wichita


Taj Mahal: Part Deux

Happy Tuesday! Last week we did a post about a song called Taj Mahal and this week we thought we’d share the singer Taj Mahal!


We’ve both liked Taj Mahal for a long time. Carlos introduced me to him when we first met and I instantly¬†became a fan. So when we got a chance to see him live about four years ago we jumped on it. Let us just say that even at sixty¬†or seventy¬†years old Taj Mahal can still jam. His age hasn’t slowed him down a bit and he’s hilarious.

Here are two of our favorite songs:


Taj Mahal: Tomorrow Will Not Be Your Day


Since we talked about Taj’s sweet moves we picked a video that showcased them :).


Taj Mahal: Queen Bee

Here’s a link to a recording of the original version.

Cohen Says Chill

Our Sunday choices this week are Leonard Cohen themed. We love him. (duh)




Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song


This is from the old show ‘Night Music’ hosted by David Sanborn. It was a great show and you can watch clips of it on Youtube. What I like about this performance are the backup singers and the way they contrast with Cohen’s voice. I also like the big hair.




Antony and the Johnsons – If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen Cover)


This performance was part of the Leonard Cohen Documentary – I’m Your Man (2005) which covered a concert of Cohen Tributes.

Ok ,the obvious reason I love this cover is Antony. He has one of the coolest (amazing) voices. ever. His awkward performing style contrasted with his honey voice is so endearing. It’s sooo good and very unlike the way Cohen performs this song. I think Antony was a perfect choice for this particular Cohen anthem.

Summer Daze

Happy Saturday!

We decided to mellow out a bit today and share a couple of songs with a vibe that feels like the lazy days of summer.


First up: Ashley


Neon Indian – Dead Beat Summer


This video is fan made and it’s not very exciting. While we try to stick to live performances, I really like the recording the best. If you’d like to watch a live performance here’s a link.

I think what I love most about this song is it kind of lazy quality to it and it’s just so catchy.


Carlos’ Pick:


Dam Funk – Out Run


Video games and Modern Funk, there isn’t much more I can ask for. I used to play this game at the local pizza place and I think that’s why it makes me hungry.


It looks like we may have both copped out of live performances today!

Salsa All *Stars*


Our Friday posts are going to be a little different than those of the rest of the week. In addition to our two song choice, we thought it would be fun to create playlists (of 10 songs) for you guys. We really love making playlists for each other and have a lot of fun seeing what the other put together for us.

The first Friday theme to get your weekend kicked off is: Salsa!

Whether you’re the dancing salsa or eating salsa type this music will get ya going ūüôā


We’re cheating this week and we’re sharing three videos.

Choice #1:


Fania All Stars – Quitate Tu


This performance was filmed at the Cheetah in New York (1972)

This was our first choice because what’s better than watching awesome musicians jam out? -Awesome singers battle, these guys seriously have great voices. We really like that in this video you really get the vibe of being in the small club, you can really feel the crowd and the band’s energy.


Choice #2:


Tito Puente & Charlie Palmieri – Jam En El Barrio


This performance is in a “barrio” of New York (1970’s)

First we must say that Tito Puente is the man. He’s a genius with tons of charisma and stage presence (as a lot of the major Salsa stars did). We like this video for much of the same reasons as choice number one. You really get a feel for N.Y. in the seventies. Also you get to see some really sweet dance moves and who doesn’t love sweet dance moves?


Choice #3: – The sweetheart of Fania, The Queen of Salsa herself- Celia Cruz. Az√ļcar!


Fania All Stars – Quimbara


This video is from the movie: Fania All Stars – Live in Afrika (1974) It’s a great documentary¬†chronicling their time in Africa. They were there to perform as entertainment¬†for the George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, “Rumble in the Jungle” fight. Foreman got injured and the fight was pushed back by weeks and entertainers like Fania,¬†BB King, and James Brown were asked to stay longer to keep interest up. There’s a great movie called When We Were Kings¬†if you’re interested

Besides the interesting history of the video we chose this clip because everyone should experience Celia Cruz at least once in their lifetime, even if that is only on Youtube. Not only was she a great singer but she was larger than life. Plus you get to see her and Johnny Pacheco rock it out. I think you’re starting to learn how we feel about sweet dancing.


You can find the playlist Here. Happy Friday!


Birds of a Feather

As we were thinking of what our picks for the day should be we realized we hadn’t chosen anything after the 80’s so far. So we mustered up a couple of songs that aren’t older than we are ūüėČ


Ashley’s choice:



Horse Feathers –¬†Rude to Rile


This video is from HearYa (2009)

I first heard this song on Daytrotter¬†-which is a great site where you can catch new music from up & coming and established artists performed live in the Daytrotter studio. ¬†You can listen to the songs for free on the site and for a membership ($32 a year – which is totally reasonable) ¬†you can download the sessions (it used to be free to download but all good things must end right? right. ūüė¶ ¬†)

Any who, sorry for the tangent!

This video is super cool ’cause you really get to see the members of the band play all the components of this lovely song. ¬†This band sounds really great live and sounds really close to their recordings- sometimes better; (which I think is the case with this song) I love live performances and getting to see the differences from the recording but sometimes I really want the live version to sound like the album. This band always delivers.


Carlos’ Pick: pssst. Carlos has a crush on the lead singer ūüėČ



Little Dragon – Feather

There’s something about the sound of electronic instruments and acoustic and electric instruments together that I really enjoy. Usually the sound get kind of cluttered when some bands try to use all of these instrument types together, but Little Dragon always does of good job of getting a balanced sound. The sound is a deceptively simple one, with drums, bass, keyboards, and voice. But the arrangement of the sound, the different timbres of each instrument, creates a sound that is uniquely Little Dragon. This song in particular is a good introduction to their sound, and if you like it I would suggest finding more. They have quite a few albums now and they’re all good. Happy listening!

p.s. Who doesn’t have a crush on Yukimi Nagano?